We created a programme that guarantees accelerated growth for Female Founders and by working with them closely we create world-class African startups. Over the past few years, we have proven that our intense yet holistic model works. Here is an overview of the core pillars that drive the 88-8 Bootcamp.


Our bootcamp forms the primary basis for development and changed behaviour by the Female Founders. Our belief is that business owner development equals business development. To assist the Female Founders to grow and scale their business requires shifting and changing mindsets and adopting new competencies to ensure business growth and expansion.

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The Advisory Board ensures Founders have a platform for continued accountability and feedback. We approach the process similar to a Board of Directors for corporate companies. During the meeting the board members interact with the individual Founder and offer their assessments based on their areas of expertise. Board members offer advice and targets to be achieved by the Founder for the next meeting.

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The Founders are supported by a Business Coach in order to take their acute self -awareness both personally and professionally to new levels. Personal growth and development is about authenticity that is grounded in acute self-awareness, confidence and creativity and how this plays a role in aligning with WHY the business exists. Yes, healthy Founders create healthy businesses.

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We host monthly First Thursday Workshops aimed at motivating Female Founders to share challenges. They also stay connect in real time as we close the trust deficit that naturally exists when a diverse group of individuals come together. We feature inspirational Female Founders as speakers with dedicated time for networking. A key aspect of these events is to activate business linkages as a new way to jointly tackle bigger contracts and opportunities.

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Most Female Founders have an unhealthy relationship with money and we aim to fix this through the Founders and Finance Series was launched in August 2018. The series was launched after successfully hosting two Financial Wellness Brunches featuring Dr. Aisha R. Pandor and Carol Bouwer, who authentically shared their financial wellness journeys. The new series takes the conversation to a much deeper level as we support Founders to fix their relationship with money.

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It takes a village to grow a business and we have successfully proven our Growth Through Collaboration methodology works over the past few years. We will utilize the digital space to ensure continued support for the village by ensuring the use of advanced technology changes to enhance the entrepreneurs’ work habits, the management of their daily goals and the way they accomplish tasks. In addition we will share industry specific best practice and schedule events.

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